Basic operation

Product series selection screen

[Product series selection screen]

On the product selection scrren, expand and browse the product tree in order to select downloadable CAD contents.

You may also use the [Expand All] button and use your browser's search functionality.

After you select a product series, the display will switch to the options selection screen.

Options selection screen

[Options selection screen]

Several configurable options are available for each series on the selection screen.

It is possible to configure the model with various options like stroke, mounting, fitting, etc.

[Part number] will reflect the result of each selection.
To go back to [Product series selection screen], press the [Back] button.

After pressing the [3D Preview] button, a 3-Dimensions drawing of the product will be displayed.
Pressing [2D CAD Data Download] and [3D CAD Model Download] will allow you to download the CAD data after choosing the CAD format.

Preview screen

[Preview screen]

On the preview screen, a 3-Dimensions preview of the selected model can be seen.

The preview may vary depending on your browser's technology

* Internet Explorer : ActiveX preview (plugin). You must enable ActiveX plugins in [Internet Options] in order to use this feature.

* Other browsers : Java preview. You must have a Java environment installed (JRE) on your operating system to use this feature.

Format selection screen

On the format selection screen, you can choose the CAD data format for model download.

The format options will differ depending on the download type (2D Data or 3D Model).

After pressing the [Download File] button, you will be taken through the user authentification screen, then the CAD generation will be initiated.

For help regarding the user authentification screen, please refer to the help button the same page.

On the CAD download screen, after the CAD generation is completed, a [Download Link] will appear on the center. Click this link to initiate your download.

[Format selection screen]

[User authentification screen]

[CAD download screen]


About the downloaded files

The downloaded data is compressed in a .zip file format.
Please use an appropriate decompression program to extract the data, then open it in your CAD system.

If you choose a macro file format (Solidworks, CATIA), the macro file corresponding to each CAD data is downloaded. When you run the macro in your CAD system, automatic modeling of the product data and type you selected will start.

How to read the macro file

1. Start Solidworks, the select [Run], then [Macro] from the [Tools] menu.
2. In the dialog box, select the downloaded macro file.
3. A new dialog box will appear, where you can select the destination folder for the CAD data automatically generated by Solidworks.
4. Please wait while Solidworks automatically generates the 3-Dimensional data.

1. Start CATIA V5, then select [Macro] > [Macro] from the [Tools] menu.
2. In the dialog box, select the downloaded macro file.
3. A new dialog box will appear, where you can select the destination folder for the CAD data the automatically generated by CATIA.
4. Please wait while CATIA automatically generates the 3-Dimensional data.

(3D preview) Installing the viewer tool

Internet Explorer users are required to install the ActiveX viewer plugin. Chrome and Firefox users must have Java installed on their machine, as the corresponding viewer plugin uses Java technology.

Internet Explorer users:

At first use, please install the ActiveX viewer as described below.

1. Please click the [Install] button at the bottom.
2. Downloading of the viewer install files will start automatically.

* notice 1 : If you connect to Internet through a proxy server, the download status and progress bar may not function properly. Please wait until the download (over 30 MB) is complete. Please also refer to notice 2.

3. After the download is complete, the viewer installer program will start automatically. Please follow the instructions on screen.

* notice 2 : In case the automated installer download didn't start.
If in step 2 you couldn't see the download window, it could mean your internet settings don't allow installation through the provided downloader. In this case, please download and save onto your hard-disk the "partwebviewer.exe" plugin software from the following link. Then, run this file in order to start the installer.

partwebviewer.exe download link :

Chrome and Firefox users :

In order to use the viewer plugin, you need to install Java on your machine.
You can download the latest version of Java on official website :